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Analogue Transmitter & Receiver

Our company, GB. Electronics is based in Coventry. Formed in March 1988, GBE has built extensive industry knowledge, skills and experience from a range of sectors. We install Analogue Transmitters in Masjids within the UK. This allows the broadcast of Azaan and Bayans to Muslim homes. We are able to tailor packages of our products and services to meet the requirements of your Masjid.

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​We have proudly carried out work at many Masjids in the UK.
The following are just a few Masjids where you can see our work.

Azaan and Bayans to Muslim homes
  • 1. Madina Academy, Dewsbury
  • 2. Masjid-E-Umar, Dewsbury
  • 3. Masjid-E-Hira, Dewsbury
  • 4. Gillani Noor Masjid, Chaplin Road, Stoke- on-Trent
  • 5. Goodwood Community and Education Trust, Gamel Road, Leicester
  • 6. Jalalia Sunni Jami Masjid & Islamic Education Centre, Bath Road, Walsall
  • 7. Oldham Madani Academy, Maygate, Oldham
  • 8. Jamiyat Tabligh Ul-Islam Mosque, Hoxton St., Bradford
  • 9. West London Cultural Islamic Society in Fulaham. London
  • 10. Al-Huda Masjid on Amthill Road, Bedford
  • 11. Al-Khawtar Academy on Gough Road in Leicester
  • 12. Faizane Madina Masjid in Stratford London
  • 13. Replacement transnmitter at Madina Masjid in Batley
  • 14. New Transnsmitter system at Al-Hickma Centre on Track Road in Batley And many more to list here!

There are several Masjids in UK where Azan and Bayans are broadcast via internet. In another words this is called digital transmission.

Sometimes it is reffered to as live streaming.

There are various ways one can broadcast via internet, and cost of installation varies hugely, depending on who wants (i.e. large company/small group/individual person) to include digital broadcasting on their website and what method they wish to adopt.

In all cases it is imperative that the Masjid will need to have a high quality internet/ broadband installed.

Transmitters in Masjids within the UK

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