Digital Transmitter.

Analogue transmitters are very popular in UK masjids. Because it is very simple to use. The only big problem is that it reaches only those people who live near the Masjid.

Our digital system transmitter solves that problem. We will supply you with digital radio which you connect to your home wifi and leave it anywhere in your home. Whenever there is Azan or Bayan from your Masjid, your radio will start working. Beauty of this is that the distance is no problem. You can listen to your Masjid anywhere in the world.

We can install our transmitter system in your Masjid within a couple of hours, if the internet router and sound system are close to each other. There is no license required and there is no restriction on how long you use it.

Once the wifi is set up our radio only needs connection to mains. Below is a picture of the radio.

The beauty of the radio is that it is dedicated to your Masjid. You cannot choose other Masjids. You cannot hear the digital broadcast on your phone, tablet or computer. Who has the time to remember to switch on the phone to listen to Azan?

Up and down the country Masjid committees are still installing the old analogue system, because people in their neighbourhood already have the analogue scanners. But at a fraction of the cost of installing the analogue transmitter, you can also have the digital system which can benefit those Masjid lovers who live far away and cannot hear on their old analogue scanners.

If you are genuinely interested, why not get a trial digital radio from us, and listen to any one of the following Masjids?

Central Masjid in Oxford

Ghausia Masjid in Halifax

Madina Masjid in Preston

Jamia Masjid in Doncaster

Shahjalal Masjid in Manchester

Shahjalal Masjid in Hastings, St. Leonards on Sea.

Masjid Aqsa in Walsall.

Masjid Ayesha in Walsall.

If you want more information give Gulambhai a call on 07949909304.